Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Death and the Lady Bug

A short chronicle of the past two weeks leading up to my mother's death, and the miracle gift she left us all with.

Death and the Lady Bug

Friday, October 15, 2010

If only physical transport was this easy...

And yet another move for this old bird, but this time I am not importing files from Whispers in the Bamboo or JRockin' Granny. Anyone interested can visit Whispers in the Bamboo or request copies of my JRock reviews to be posted here.

I am still a new born to blogging, I understand that this method of link or cut and past isn't as efficient as a simple import. However, I am not savvy enough to try to write code, etc. to try to import the files over here, and I already have a headache thanks. 

I liked typepad, but admit, I was not impressed that readers have to join a site in order to leave a comment. I believe in freedom of expression and that readers should be able to speak their mind without having to join a personal blog site. 

As with Vox and Typepad, I am looking forward to diving in and posting my art, thoughts, ideas and some reviews of Jrock and Alternative bands. As ever I send a monster shout out to my friends in Europe, Japan, the US and here at home in Canada. 

Until next post, Peace