Friday, October 15, 2010

If only physical transport was this easy...

And yet another move for this old bird, but this time I am not importing files from Whispers in the Bamboo or JRockin' Granny. Anyone interested can visit Whispers in the Bamboo or request copies of my JRock reviews to be posted here.

I am still a new born to blogging, I understand that this method of link or cut and past isn't as efficient as a simple import. However, I am not savvy enough to try to write code, etc. to try to import the files over here, and I already have a headache thanks. 

I liked typepad, but admit, I was not impressed that readers have to join a site in order to leave a comment. I believe in freedom of expression and that readers should be able to speak their mind without having to join a personal blog site. 

As with Vox and Typepad, I am looking forward to diving in and posting my art, thoughts, ideas and some reviews of Jrock and Alternative bands. As ever I send a monster shout out to my friends in Europe, Japan, the US and here at home in Canada. 

Until next post, Peace

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